Solar Energy Systems

Solar Power Systems from RJAY Electrical

Get on top of SOARING electricity prices today!

Looking for a Solar system? RJAY Electrical services can help you. Servicing QLD for the last 25 years we have designed and installed thousands of solar panels in both on and off grid solutions. RJAY Electrical services works with Australia Leading builders to deliver solar systems for new build homes as well as countless commercial and domestic installations across QLD.

RJAY Electrical Partners with some of the worlds leading solar manufacturers to bring you the highest quality solar systems – and it wont cost you the earth! RJAY Electrical is Proudly an LG Authorised Dealer, Selling what we believe to be the absolute best solar PV panel on the market with leading performance and the best after sales support.

Grid Connected Solar Systems

These systems connect to your house switchboard and feed energy into your house with any energy you cant use exported to the grid for a credit on your bill. These systems start from as little as $2000 and you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on electricity each year. CLICK HERE OR Call us on 1300 55 48 68  to Speak to one of our consultants today – they’ll explain it all.

Off Grid (Standalone) Solar Power Systems 

These are similar systems but coupled with a battery bank to store energy to use when the sun isnt out. These systems work independant of the power grid meaning no blackouts and power any time. Most importantly, while a little more expensive, this type of solar systems means you NEVER have to pay an electricity bill… EVER!