Grid-Connected Solar Systems


Solar PV systems SAVE YOU MONEY - “We let the numbers do the talkin”

Use the energy you generate and you will save HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS every year. Our Consultants can explain to you exactly how this works and give you a REALISTIC idea of the potential savings you would expect.

We can lay out for you how much your system will cost and how much you should expect to save – we wont promise you the world – but we will deliver solar systems that continue to perform, year after year.


RJAY’s has a commitment to equipment quality – As such we specially designed and installed a SOLAR PV TESTING SYSTEM. Come and see our LIVE DEMONSTRATION and panel comparison side by side

We specfically TEST the the equipment we use in REAL LIFE situations. This lets us demonstrate exactly how your panels expect to perform and helps us understand our products and better deliver efficient solar energy systems for our clients.


RJAYS Employs more than 40 Electricians and apprentices, so we have the manpower to handle your 1.5kw or 1.5MW solar project with the best team for the job.

We know that a solar system costs alot of money, and installing it correctly is one of the most important factors to consider

Thats why we dont pay peanuts – our staff arent monkeys!


5, 10 and 15 Year warranties available for solar products/systems mean that you are making a low risk investment. RJAY’s can explain to you, in simple terms, exactly what is covered by your warranties so you know what to expect over the next few years.


You can also extend the warranty on your solar systems products – this costs more but can give you much more peace of mind and support long term.

RJAY’s Offer a FREE 10 Year Extended Warranty with thier systems – but conditions apply so CALL US to find out more.


If you have MAJOR shading areas, or you have a tricky roof, you might benefit from Micro-Inverters. Micro-Inverters are great new technology but they are a little more expensive – RJAY’s generally prefer to install a string inverter on most houses for ease of service.

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